Most fun things we do are actually a form of stress - riding a roller coaster, skiing, sudoku - a challenge.

You can reprogram your brain to turn your stress into a positive experience.

Consider this: Most of the stress you feel is self-generated.

If your brain can generate it, your brain can resolve it.

Who's in charge? You or your brain?

" much to consider, so much life saving information - the life we want to live. You dropped a pebble in the middle of the pond and the ripples have been far-reaching already." Sally Schoettgen, Wild Wayzata Women, 70th birthday celebration, 2008, comments on Stress Fitness for Seniors.

A handy volume of uncommon good sense.
KM Connell, hurricane survivor, San Diego, CA

Stress Fitness for Seniors

by Joan Vernikos Ph.D.
Thirdage Books, 2009

Currently SOLD OUT. A New Version is scheduled for publication in early 2015. Click Here to be notified when it is available.

Perhaps never before has a book so directly and simply addressed the conditions commonly encountered by seniors.

Stress Fitness for Seniors is a guidebook to dealing with the stressful situations often experienced by those over 50. Written in down-to earth and understandable language, Stress Fitness for Seniors focuses on identifying and coping with the challenges most commonly experienced as people get older.

It is a practical guide to help you achieve both instant and long-term results. Use the provided tool-kit to gain control, erase anxieties and stop stress in its tracks.

Despite your current or past challenges dealing with stress the good news is that everyone can develop more effective ways to cope with challenging situations and people - to become "Stress-Fit".

Dr. Joan is an expert on stress and coping, having developed and applied her methods during her career working with NASA astronauts.

Watch Dr. Joan speak about managing your response to stress here . And how to deal with Grief here.

More Readers' Comments:

"Simple lessons that everybody can follow." Robin Hosie, Dorset, UK.

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